Hello. I’m an award winning freelance graphic designer, based in Brighton. I’m a dedicated creative professional with over 20 years experience and enjoy working with clients to produce beautifully simple work to engage with the target market. I provide businesses and not for profit and arts organisations with creative ideas. 

My portfolio extends to annual reviews, brochures, brand identity, advertising, infographics, direct mail, flyers, exhibition and information graphics, signage and magazines. I always pride myself on creating an impact with powerful visuals and effective use of good photography, colour, illustrations and typography using existing brand guidelines or completely new concepts from idea to delivery. Attention to detail is another element I focus on. I am open, honest and enjoy working one to one as a designer working directly with the client, cutting out account directors and their fees, and focusing on caring about what I do. I work individually or provide a small collective on larger projects with a network of trusted experts in design, illustration, photography, digital and print. 

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Tel: 07799 145830